City of Regina’s New Zoning Bylaw

City of Regina's New Zoning Bylaw

The Proposed New Zoning Bylaw

This blog is to raise awareness of the new changes the City of Regina is making. The new Zoning Bylaw could affect property owners, landlords and tenants. For more information, please contact the City of Regina.


What does the proposed Zoning bylaw mean to me?

The proposed bylaw only applies to new developments or new structures built existing neighbourhoods. For example: building new or adding to your existing property, building a deck or a garage, or using your property for a different purpose. The regulations are not retroactive and do not impact your property taxes.


Why is the Zoning Bylaw important?

The Zoning Bylaw determines where homes, businesses, parks, sports centres, industrial buildings, and every other type of space we interact with can be built. Common zones are residential and industrial. The zones identify what can be built and where, making sure that all property uses are compatible with their surrounding areas.


10 Common Times the Zoning Bylaw Applies to you

1. When thinking about building a house:

Why: The zoning bylaw determines what kind of housing is permitted in each zone, the maximum area it can occupy the lot and the maximum allowable height.

2. When planning to build a new garage:

Why: The bylaw identifies the maximum size and appropriate placement of both detached and attached garages.

3. When building or expanding the deck on your property: 

Why: The Bylaw identifies how close deck are permitted to be to the property line.

 4. When Planning to add to the front or back of your house:

Why: The Bylaw specifies how close the addition can be to the property like and the maximum area the complete building can occupy.

5. When thinking about starting a business in your home:

Why: The Bylaw indicates the type of uses that are prohibited as a residential business and the maximum area the business can occupy in your home.

6. When thinking about developing a secondary suite:

Why: The Bylaw indicates the type of building that can have secondary suite and the maximum size of the secondary suite.

7. When Planning to build or expand your driveway:

Why: The Bylaw specifies which yard (front, side or rear) can have a driveway and the maximum width of the driveway.

 8. When planning to put a storage shed in your yard:

Why: The Bylaw identifies the yard (front, side or rear) where a shed can be placed and the maximum size of the shed.

9. When thinking to change your land use:

Why: The Bylaw specifies which land uses are allowed in which zones.

10. When thinking of starting a day care facility:

Why: The Bylaw indicated the amount of parking and drop-off spaces required for the day care.


City Council will consider the proposed Zoning Bylaw on June 17, 2019. Residents are welcome to attend. Information on preparing a submission is available on or contact 306-777-7262.





The content of this article is meant for informational purposes only. The information provided was copied from the brochure provided by The City of Regina. Readers are encouraged to discuss all matters with The City of Regina involving the content of this article.

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