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I Raz Mohammad Ibrahim khil son of Noor Agha joined Afghan National Army (OCS) officer candidate
school on 2010/06/12 . The training was conducted by English Army instructors, after passing and
joining several training courses one of which was the Afghan commando special forces. I trained as
commando officer and I was deployed to the first battalion of north brigade of the special force’s Corp.
In the ten years of my career as a member of special forces I have experienced a lot of ups and down,
fighting against Taliban destroying theirs ammunitions depots and drugstores and as a result of that I
got many appreciation letter ( a few of them are attached with this document). I continued doing my
duties till the takeover of our country by current regime (Taliban) as I was serving in Afghan special
forces in Afghan national Army and my wife was working as a member a human and women’s rights
activist in an organization named (da zalanda storo tolana) the Bright Stars Society as a result of this my
life is in danger here in Afghanistan.
As a result of the current regime invasion I have lost my jobs now, my family’s live’s in danger because of
my activities which I done in the past (destroying the Taliban’s ammunitions as mentioned above).
In conclusion, I am applying for the announced opportunity of unlocking the doors of your respective
country, so I kindly request you to consider my application by giving me this chance to save my family
and myself and give my children safety and an opportunity that they will not get in their lifetime
anymore. This would be a great favor of yours not only for me, but also for humanity and I would be
really grateful for it.
Best regards
Raz Mohammad “Ibrahim khil”

Raz Mohammad Ibrahimkhil
i am afghan

I have worked with John for 3  years now. He is the real deal. He knows the market like the back of his hand. No matter what type of transaction John enters in for his client, he always puts their best interests at hand. He will go above and beyond no matter what it takes. You will not be disappointed. I highly recommend John Chung.

Ryan Spanier